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Metal Sheds, Steel Garden Buildings, Light Industrial Building and Commercial Units. Many Sizes and Bespoke Industrial Buildings.

GrandChoice Metal Sheds and Steel Garages in Nottingham

GrandChoice Metal Sheds in NottinghamThe GrandChoice metal sheds and steel storage units are available in Nottingham in a variety of sizes from 6ft by 3ft all the way up to 10ft by 19ft. This ensure that these metal sheds can accommodate everyone from gardeners pottering about in their garden in Nottingham to light industrial buildings.

Complete with a 12 year anti-perforation warranty these metal sheds have sliding doors, for easy access, and which can be padlocked for additional security.

StoreChoice Metal Sheds and Steel Garages in Nottingham

StoreChoice Metal Garden  Sheds in NottinghamBesides the range of metal sheds for the garden in sizes from 6ft x 4ft to 10ft x 12ft which come complete with double doors and a ramp for easy access, StoreChoice also offer the StoreChoice Olympic Steel Garage range for delivery in Nottingham.

These are ideal for businesses looking for a little extra space as workshops or for protecting their cars from the elements. These steel garages are available in Nottingham in sizes right up to 12ft by 38ft in size. All of these steel buildings boast a 15-year anti-perforation guarantee.

From 1st Choice Metal Sheds News Pages
Metal Sheds, Steel Sheds Metal Buildings A metal shed could have prevented a fire spreading from a bin to a garden shed this morning in North Baddesley, Hampshire. Alleged arsonists damaged three vehicles, a bin, fence and garden shed in the early hours of this morning (May 11th), reports the Southern Daily Echo. Fire-fighters tackled a blaze, which had been started when a van was set alight, at around 12.30am. The flames spread to a Ford Focus parked next to the van on a driveway and suffered damage. While the fire crews used hose reel jets and breathing apparatus to douse the fire, they were called to a nearby address at 2.30am. A spokesperson told the newspaper: " A bin had been set alight, and the flames had spread to a nearby garden shed and play equipment." Police are searching for the fire-starters while the fire service officers from Redbridge and Eastleigh assess the scene of the crime for signs of arson. A metal shed which can be used for commercial and industrial service, could have withstood the flames thanks to its 1.2mm thick galvatite steel panelling. Metal Sheds, Steel Sheds Metal Buildings

Trimetal Stylish Steel Sheds with Long Warranties

Trimetal Metal Garden  Sheds in NottinghamThese Trimetal metal sheds being made from precision engineered fully galvanised steel and then coated with PVC, which is about 50% thicker than most comparable metal sheds, are guaranteed a long life. In addition this UK metal sheds manufacturer backs this up with a 25 year warranty in Nottingham, the longest warranty in the business.

All metal sheds are certified fire resistant and suitable for mobile home sites throughout Nottingham or where a non combustible shed is required.

SafeStore Steel Security Sheds & Metal Buildings in Nottingham

SafeStore Insurance Rated Steel Secure Garden ShedsThe SafeStore steel security sheds are made from extra thick Galvatite steel which is 1.2mm thick. These metal sheds complete with its own integral steel base is suitable in Nottingham for protecting all your garden valuables from the weather.

Reinforced steel doors offer extra security. Made to the same high standards as fully insurance rated metal sheds you can be sure you have the best available. Also proudly made in the UK for British excellence. WHY compromise when you have these superb steel sheds to choose from and delivered to Nottingham?

From 1st Choice Metal Sheds News Pages
Metal Sheds, Steel Sheds Metal Buildings Capital steel buildings could be used to create storage units on the site of several redundant industrial buildings in Aylesbury, reports the Bucks Herald. A disused factory site on Gatehouse Road has been vacant for nine months and now some suggestions for its future have been made. These include turning it into a motoring industry hub or into an industrial storage unit which does not need road frontage. Capital Steel Buildings are made from solid cold rolled high tensile steel which makes them stable, durable and ideal for industrial or even commercial storage. Peter Bridgman, a partner at Brown and Lee Clifford Buildings, agents for the site, told the newspaper: "A franchise motor dealer could go in there but more likely it will be smaller scale buildings and could be servicing, tyres, xhausts or accessories, that sort of thing."Graham Cole, director of Aylesbury Vale Estates, the commercial arm of the council and former owner of the factory, stated that no firm decisions had been made about the future of the plot. Metal Sheds, Steel Sheds Metal Buildings

Capital Steel Light Industrial Buildings for Nottingham

Capital Steel Industrial Building for NottinghamFor some farmers and business owners might fine the standard metal sheds and steel garages might not offer the versatility that is required for their purposes. This is where the Capital Steel Buildings (CSB) come into their own.

Everyone of their steel light industrial building are made to the customer's precise requirements and to suit their exact location in Nottingham. Besides being tailored to the customer's exact needs they can choose a range of colours. Also, the technical drawings and specification required for a planning application is supplied free of charge.

From 1st Choice Capital Steel Industrial Buildings News Pages
Metal Sheds, Steel Sheds Metal Buildings Small businesses storing paint and chemicals in their garden sheds could benefit from investing in a Capital Steel Building to protect their property from fire. Bolton firefighters were recently called to several separate incidents involving fires in garden sheds, made worse by the flammable contents within, the Bolton News reports. Neighbours reported a garden shed had been set alight in Great Lever in the early hours of the morning and it took an hour to put out the blaze, which spread to fencing, a detached garage and a conservatory. Toby Mckenna, watch manager at Bolton Central, told the newspaper: "These fires were made much worse by the flammable material being stored in the sheds." Capital Steel Buildings are suitable for full commercial use and for a range of industrial storage uses. They are constructed from solid cold rolled high tensile steel which makes them extremely strong and durable. These buildings last a long time and can be built to any specification including double-skinned fully PIR fire rated units, which can offer protection when storing flammable materials. Metal Sheds, Steel Sheds Metal Buildings

Metal Sheds, Steel Buildings & Industrial Units

The immense durability of metal sheds and steel building is just one of their main benefits. You will find that every day use (wear and tear) and the ability to resist extreme weather conditions are key factors in choosing steel. With metal sheds and steel buildings being able to be scaled to suit your needs and the promise of great security these building can be the answer to your needs throughout Nottingham. All metal sheds are designed to be long lasting with very little maintenance in the Nottingham area.